A multi-module certification course on the technologies that marketers need to know in order to be truly literate in the programmatic space. We provide three separate tracks on tactics that go beyond regular display: video, social, and mobile. We recommend mastering each omnichannel offering to gain full-funnel knowledge of the digital ecosystem.


Video: A complete overview of the digital video ecosystem and the technologies that are unique to video advertising online, from in-stream functionality to pre-roll advertising, and beyond.

Mobile: Many people think of mobile as a channel, but it’s actually a separate platform that plays by its own rules. In our mobile certification course, we break down everything you know about this unique technology and best practices for running mobile campaigns.

Social: Social media advertising isn’t just #trending, it’s here to stay. Ad spend across social channels, like Facebook and Twitter, is growing year over year at an alarming rate. From targeting to tips to trends, this course covers what you need to know about advertising on today’s leading social technology platforms.

Omnichannel Certification Courses

Who should attend?

This course is designed for professionals who manage, or are looking to build, various kinds of media businesses, such as a digital marketing team, trading desk, or media/data platform.

Please note: all classes are available in-person or via virtual dial-in


Strong familiarty with online advertising ecosystem required. Experience using TerminalOne would be highly beneficial, although not necessary to attend the course.

Omnichannel - Video

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What’s Covered:
  • Introducing the history and current state of the video advertising landscape
  • Understanding key terms and terminology of video marketing
  • Demystifying technology specific to video campaigns, such as VAST tags
  • Sharing best practices for running your video campaigns
Course Materials:
  • Omnichannel – Video Workbook
  • Omnichannel – Video Certification Exam

Omnichannel - Mobile

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What’s Covered:
  • Introducing the history and current state of the mobile advertising landscape
  • Understanding key terms and terminology of mobile marketing
  • Demystifying technology specific to mobile devices
  • Sharing best practices for running your mobile campaigns
Course Materials:
  • Omnichannel – Mobile Workbook
  • Omnichannel – Mobile Certification Exam

Omnichannel - Social

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What’s Covered:
  • Understanding the history and current state of the social advertising landscape
  • Grasping key terms and terminology specific to social advertising
  • Understanding Facebook & Twitter ad types and targeting options relevant to specific goals
  • Grasping best practices for your campaigns on social platforms


Course Materials:
  • Omnichannel – Social Workbook
  • Omnichannel – Social Certification Exam

“The course was great! I’m extremely excited and invested in Epsilon’s Abacus online department because of NMI’s presentation.”

Derrick Miller


“Being in the legal department, I don’t have the opportunity to experience what goes on behind the scenes. NMI’s training course gave me an opportunity to see how it works and all comes together.”

Frances Deyennaro


“Jude and I would just like to thank you guys (and the NMI team) for the awesome training sessions. Despite us running campaigns for some time now, we learnt a lot of handy things that we already started implementing across the board.”

André Britz

Atmosphere Orange