Technology is changing the ways in which audiences consume media and in which advertising is bought.  Across the U.S. and around the world, digital advertising has become a key part of the marketing mix for brands. The comprehensive courses in our Digital Marketing Certification provide the understanding that today’s marketers need stay competitive and maximize advertising ROI.

Intro to Digital Marketing

Includes fundamental digital marketing content, including the digital marketing customer channel, pricing models, banner ad basics, big data, targeting, and ad tags.

Programmatic 101

Introduces the key players in the field and the basics of the programmatic umbrella, including RTB.

Digital Marketing Certification Courses

These courses are designed for individuals who are new and/or transitioning into the industry as well as students and recent college/university graduates.

Please note: all classes are available in-person or via virtual dial-in

Intro to Digital Marketing

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What’s Covered:
  • The Two Sides of the Marketing Equation
  • From Old School to New School
  • How the Internet Transformed Marketing
  • The History of Online Advertising
  • Banner Ad Basics
  • Types of Creatives
  • Pricing Online Advertising
  • Ad Tags
  • Targeting


Course Materials:
  • Participant Workbook
  • Access to Grovo Training Videos
  • Some online experience would be beneficial, but not necessary to attend.

Programmatic 101

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What’s Covered:
  • Introducing Goals Based Marketing

  • Programmatic Defined

  • Simplifying the Advertising Landscape

  • The Evolution of Programmatic

  • The Display Advertising Landscape

  • Real Time Bidding

  • The Programmatic Umbrella

  • Industry Trends

Course Materials:
  • Participant Workbook
  • Experience in online advertising or completion of Intro to Digital Marketing

“I was blown away by the amount of knowledge that I gained from the [Digital Marketing Certification] class. It truly gave me a foundation to the highly complex ad tech ecosystem in a fun and easy to understand format.”

Account Manager Digital Marketing Solutions


“The [Digital Marketing Certification] class hosted by NMI and MediaMath is the perfect way to meet new people in your field and discuss brand new ideas of how to market utilizing display ads.”

Online Marketing Analyst

Harry & David

“I think that the training materials were very effective and having the additional summary of the LUMAscape slide is a plus. I’ll definitely use these materials as a reference in the future.”

Consumer Insights


“The [Digital Marketing Certification] class was my stepping stone into the digital ad space. The course was a fruitful experience, one which has provided me with the tools to better understand and discuss the Space. I highly recommend enrolling to newcomers.”

Social Media Coordinator