New Marketing Institute (NMI) is proud to offer a suite of industry-leading certification courses built to educate marketers at any experience level. Industry thought leaders and subject matter experts lead participants through topics ranging from foundational concepts of digital marketing to in-depth product trainings, and beyond. Comprehensive workbooks are provided in multiple languages to meet our learners wherever they are and allow them to continue their education beyond the classroom. Ultimately, New Marketing Institute educates, engages, and empowers participants to take ownership of their education in the ever-changing digital marketing field through the certification courses below.

Best Certification Program

Digital Marketing Certification

A comprehensive look at digital marketing, specifically focusing on the evolution of digital advertising, key technologies, industry terms, foundational concepts as well as a deep dive into programmatic and real-time bidding.

Introduction to Digital Marketing

Programmatic 101

T1 Platform

A multi-level certification course that dives into the TerminalOne Marketing Operating System, providing both new and experienced users with key concepts, principles, and optimization best practices to execute successful campaigns across all online channels.

T1 – Beginner

T1 – Advanced  


A multi-module certification course on the technologies that marketers need to know in order to be truly literate in the programmatic space. We provide three separate tracks on tactics that go beyond regular display: video, social, and mobile. We recommend mastering each omnichannel offering to gain full-funnel knowledge of the digital ecosystem.




Benefits of Certification


Building your credibility in the space while simultaneously demonstrating your knowledge, experience and competency in the industry, confirming your mastery of Industry principles and best practices.


Increased recognition by peers, employers, and recruiters and sets you apart as an expert and leader in your field.


Our certification offering is the only one of its kind for marketing professionals.

Professional Growth

Employers are always looking for individuals striving to grow both personally and professionally. Becoming certified by NMI takes you above and beyond the industry standard in digital marketing knowledge, giving you a highly-valuable competitive advantage.

Up-to-Date Knowledge

In our ever-changing industry it’s important to stay current. Our certification program provides the resources needed to maintain your knowledge of the industry over time.


Our certification program offers flexibility in order to increase your knowledge and skillset. We don’t just focus in on display advertising. There’s so much more to learn in the space!